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User Not Logged In 01-12-2018 12:50 PM

Canarian Weekly: New hotel planned to Spring up in Arona! Hotels has announced that it will construct a new hotel in Arona, on 62,000 square metres of land at El Mojon, opposite the Apolo Centre in Los Cristianos.

The group is still awaiting its licences, which are expected this year, and is contemplating an 85-million-euro investment, having already purchased the site.

The Spanish group will extend its portfolio with this new 525-room, 4-star hotel.

Spring Hotels currently has three 4-star hotels in Arona, with a total of 1,076 rooms. They are divided between the Arona Gran Hotel, Hotel Bitácora, and the recently-renovated Hotel Vulcano, and it is a 100% Spanish-owned company.

The new hotel will maintain the high standards which have always differentiated the group. And, says General Manager Miguel Villarroya: “Starting a hotel from scratch is a unique opportunity.

“It will be a whole new concept, focusing on the demands of the customers, in which technology will play a key role to enhance their experience.”

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