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Default Canarian Weekly: Hero bull-runner is gored to death

RUBEN Quintanar, an experienced bull-runner from Torrent (Valencia), died on Monday after being gored at nearby Paiporta.

Quintanar was killed by the first bull let loose when the annual fiestas started, after going to the aid of a companion who had slipped and fallen.

Instead, he slipped as well and fell backwards, on to the bull, which tossed and gored him as he lay on the ground.

The horn penetrated Quintanar’s right side, damaging a lung and his heart, said Marco Antonio Navarro, President of Paiporta’s Peña El Bou Cerrilassociation, which organised the bull-running.

Navarro and other peñamembers acted rapidly, rushing Quintanar to a waiting ambulance, while others distracted the bull.

The bull-runner was taken to the nearest hospital, La Fe in Valencia City, but it was too late because he died, soon after being admitted.
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