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escaping the confines of a prison. Fleeing to parts unknown his absence relieved the neighbourhood of a responsibility. For a time he roamed among farmers and drovers in the mountains of Tennessee; again he did menial labour often forced to the direst necessity to live. One day when nearly famished he met a slave-driver conducting his coffle towards the Mississippi to whom he proffered his services,vans store. The coarse driver readily accepted them; they proceeded on together and it was not long before they found themselves fitting companions. The one was desperate-the other traded in desperation. An ardent nature full of courage and adventure was a valuable acquisition to the dealer who found that he had enlisted a youngster capable of relieving him of inflicting that cruelty so necessary to his profession. With a passion for inflicting torture this youth could now gratify it upon those unfortunate beings of merchandise who were being driven to the shambles: he could gloat in the exercise of those natural propensities which made the infliction of pain a pleasant recreation. In the trade of human flesh all these cruel traits became valuable; they enabled him to demand a good price for his services. Initiated in all the mysteries of the trade he was soon entrusted with gangs of very considerable extent; then he made purchases laid plans to entrap free negroes performed the various intricacies of procuring affidavits with which to make slave property out of free flesh. Nature was nature and what was hard in him soon became harder; he could crib doubtful white stuff that was a nuisance among folks and sell it for something he could put in his pocket,vans caps. In this way Romescos accumulated several hundred dollars; but avarice increased and with it his ferocity. It belonged to the trade a trade of wanton depravity. He became the terror of those who assumed to look upon a negro's sufferings with sympathy scoffing at the finer feelings of mankind. Twice had his rapacity been let loose-twice had it nearly brought him to the gallows or to the tribunal of Judge Lynch. And now when completely inured in the traffic of human flesh--that traffic which transposes man into a demon his progress is checked for a while by a false step.It was this; and this only to the deep disgrace of the freest and happiest country on earth. A poor orphan girl like many of her class in our hospitable slave world had been a mere cast-off upon the community,vans skate. She knew nothing of the world was ignorant could neither read nor write--something quite common in the south but seldom known in New England. Thus she became the associate of depraved negroes and again served Romescos as a victim. Not content with this after becoming tired of her he secured her in the slave-pen of one of his fellow traders. Here he kept her for several weeks closely confined feeding her with grits. Eventually running her to Vicksburg he found an accomplice to sign a bill of sale by which he sold her to a notorious planter who carried her into the interior. The wretched girl had qualities which the Related articles: http://www.automacaobancaria.com.br/...blog&view=blog http://mzhm.cn/plus/view.php?aid=104134 http://www.dezhou8.com/home.php?mod=...log&id=1810111
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